The Albion Gallery

7 bldg 1, Ostozhenka Street, Moscow 119034 view map

How to Find:
Get from Ostozhenka Street through an archway in No. 7 (next to a Citibank branch).

Connections by Car:
a. From Komsomolsky Prospect to Ostoshenka steet
b. From Prechistenskie Vorota Square (Temple of Christ The Saviour) to Ostozhenka Street (opposite side, parking in the street, sorry no left turn)
c. From Prechistenskaya Embankment via Korobeinikov pereulok to Ostozhenka Street

In the courtyard by the gallery or in Ostozhenka Street.

Connections by Public Transport:
Take the Tube to Kropotkinskaya station, walk via Ostozhenka street (left side, about 3-5 mins.)

Phones: (+7 495) 792 5440, 775 8345

Fax: (+7 495) 792 5439


Advice in English, French and Cerman available.

Business Hours: 11 a.m. till 7 p.m. No lunch breaks. Closed Sundays.