Estimates via the Web

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Please describe the item you would like to sell as thorough as possible following the criteria listed below:

1. Author / workshop I. Shishkin / I. Sazikov
2. Material and workmanship Oil on canvas / Cast bronze
3. Size in cm. (vertical by horizontal for fine arts, height & (basement) diameter for applied arts pieces)
4. Time of creation
5. Signatures, signs, stamps (if present)
6. Condition (if other than excellent, please describe damages / losses)
7. Expert opinions (if present)

Click at the Send Mail link and fill the Send Mail window provided regarding the instructions above. Please attach a *.jpg image of the item and signs / stamps (if available).
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The item offered will be considered by experts at the nearest occasion on the message arrival. Provided the item is of any interest for us, we shall contact you immediately.
You may also make inquiries via e-mail, phone, or fax (the message should me addressed to the Experts Dept.). Please mind that inquiries should be made after 3-5 working days.